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Ugur Doyduk
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Ugur Doyduk

* Tell us about you.
I’m just an ordinary person who looks for the things he wants to see and take their photos when sees them. I’ve missed the nature and beauties because of cares of life for years. Long after, I fell in love with this things trying to remain silent and pure. Needless to say that I love nature so much. .

* How did you first started grow interest in becoming a photographer? What’s the story?
I started being really interested in photography when my friend found my photos, which I thought to be ordinary, really different and paid close attention to them during our trips.

* Where are you located?
Ankara Turkiye

* What do you think about social networking?
Enough is as good as a least

* Where do you get inspirations from?
Maybe some Japanese cartoons, maybe a film, the wind while sitting at a café outside, trees, the sun, or a sweet moment between people. If nothing, maybe my dream world.

* Do you see yourself still be as passionate as today about being a photographer in the next five to ten years?
Before photography I used to be a person with changeable tastes. Photography has been the most permanent one. However, I really wonder the answer of this question just due to this reason..

* What do you do when you have creative block?
I have understood that it can never be blocked. If I were as penniless as to have to sell my camera, I guess I would draw pictures from mud.

* Whom do you consider to be your professional role model? Why do you consider this person to be so special?
Really no role models appeared on my mind when I thought about this question. Therefore I do not have a proper answer. Even if I could think of anybody 30% more outstanding than the others, I would say it, but there isn’t. This is the reason why there is diversity in my portfolio .

* Tell us about your most embarrassing moment and what lesson did you learn from it?
I had done my military service as a reserve officer. There was a big tree where the soldiers under my command mounted guard. Many a soldier was reprimanded because of the leaves falling from that tree which could never be swept up. I came up with a silly idea and offered to cut down that tree..Everybody from private soldiers to officers censured me. Maybe the reason why I love nature so much is because of those people who had censured me..Who knows..

* What do you think about the Internet and how it is affecting our lifestyle?
I’d like to answer this question by giving an answer related to music. For as long as I’ve known myself I’ve been interested in music. In the 1980s, the greatest pleasure for me was to watch the music videos of bands and to listen to their music. I wouldn’t only listen to their music but also wonder about their lives. But as a result of the limited possibilities and the one-channel TV in the country, my passion and longing for music increased every single day. Now I’m so comfortable about this matter that I just turn on a video and watch, so simple. I click their websites and learn what they have been doing. I don’t understand people who use the Internet just for chatting.

* Where do you see the industry going?
Unfortunately, industry is destroying the world. I strongly believe that ours is the only planet in the infinite universe. I’m always trying to raise awareness about this issue on social networks and in my country. Unhealthy productions, stockbreeding, and agriculture have been totally degenerated. That we have become obsessed with the minerals under earth instead of on it and therefore rooting about it really upsets me. Coal and petrol keep destroying the natural beauties, killing the living things and triggering Global Warming. We have shaped our policies based on mischief by choosing coal instead of wind and petrol instead of the sun. Countries turn into vandals who try to push each other in the metro to get themselves a place.

* What are you doing to stay on top of these changes and how do you keep your work fresh?
I’d like to say that, in order to stay on top, you have to go down as far as you can to the bottom of the flora. In my works, I pay too much attention to the background. People take photos of people, flowers and insects..The most important thing is the harmony of colors in the background. If you buy your girlfriend a diamond ring and give it wrapped in newspaper, your surprise has no meaning.

* Name 3 of your favorite (art/photography) books/ magazines.

* Do you have anyone/company you would like to collaborate/work together?
No, but I’m looking for one. I started this passion alone and I’m continuing it alone. However, I’d like to collaborate with someone or a company. These days, sometimes my neighbor who is also a photographer is helping me.

* Do you procrastinate? What is your opinion about it?
I don’t really like doing things imposed upon me. I need to be willing to do it. When someone assigns me with something ,first they have to make me love it. Therefore, my answer is yes..

* Name 3 softwares (or tools) that you use the most, and tell us the function of each them.
Photoshop , Magix movie edit , Sound Forge. Everyone knows Photoshop .I can edit my videos by using Movie edit program .I’ve been making video clips for the wedding videos I shoot and I edit the sounds using Sound Forge

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